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Go to. First Prev of Go to. Uzair New Member. Apr 12, 2 0. Aug 12, 7 7. Ashardalon12 said:. Does anyone have a save file that has the Aunt at the house.

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I can get all the other characters, but every time i use the hatchet to get the aunt my game crashes. I would appreciate any info on how to fix this or a save file thanks. Reactions: bosa43 and SecretSal. Tourqe Newbie. Mar 17, 35 8. Nergal updatet his patreon. Final version will probably come on May 27th.

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Reactions: foreg and gungrave Jun 1, Can't wait to see what happens when you kill that brat instead of letting him go. Reactions: Canade and myself. Sep 27, 38 Zaiaku Member. Jul 1, Nergal's Nest Patreon said:.

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A Zombie's Life 1. Hey all, A Zombie's Life 1. It's in the "a-zombie-life" channel. If you find any bugs please report in the AZL bug report channel in the discord server. Hope you enjoy! Johnny Member. Nov 12, It's alive! Reactions: BoykaBoykov and J.

Sep 21, May 4, Dec 23, 11 9. Sep 26, 4 3. Kingvlad Active Member. Mar 21, 10, My gift to you guys! Last edited: Jun 1, Reactions: m1ch43lRomeoZ. M Johan and 20 others. May 30, 2, 3, Kingvlad said:. Reactions: Knight8. TimeWalker Active Member. Jul 2, SAM s Member. Aug 4, Oct 2, 49 Screen small as fuck xD my poor eyes xD. Nov 16, No change log?

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No new scenes. The Leslie and Sasha scenes got animated though. Old scenes did not get the new animation style they're still the jittery ones. No new busts, outfits for characters, or new content aside from the finished endings. There's 21 new? I don't think they count as 'scenes' per se, even the sexual ones. Well I guess that's that. Didn't expect much anyways. At least it's finished. ANTagonist Active Member. May 27, 1, Reactions: sammaeldk. FlipFish Active Member.

Oct 23, 2, Aside from the ending which was the main focus of this a zombies life patreon update, did he go back and fix the dialogue for the old scenes? I remember going through the files and there were quite a few progression dialogues with the sex scenes, but a lot of them weren't implemented. I remember him mentioning that he eventually wanted to add that but I'm not sure if he bothered at this point. Aug 8, 70 I cannot use my save file for endgame, because I was imprisoned with Sasha which seems like a third route, which is not finished and I somehow meet the conditions for it.

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A zombies life patreon

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