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The comic updates twice a week Tuesdays and Fridays -thanks to the support of its readers — on Patreon. Tentacle Academy is a collection of tentacle-themed, adult illustrations set in a magical college and connected into a story by way of letters and diary entries. You can also order a printed book!

ENG: I decided to go ahead and print a small zine with my sketches. Find me at the booth no 16! The contents are mostly select Patron Sketches, but only those featuring characters from the world of Cummoner.

The zine might be available later by mail. Twitter RSS. Rocktrolled Fungirls. And here are some sample s:. Uncensored Sketchbook — copies printed.

New chapter should be starting this Friday! Archives chapters : Select Chapter I. Witch Morwena 19 III. Bondage 22 IV. Hard Lesson 27 V. Burn the witch!

Swallowing Dark 31 X. Wishing Hour 18 XI. Wetwork 41 XII. Flover 15 XIII. The Apprentice 33 XIV. The Pervertgeist 27 XV. The Beholders 38 XVI. Lab Brats 47 XIX. The Second Cumming 47 XX. Chester Oh! Mandy Ship in a Bottle My Hero!

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Adult web comic

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