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Cunt Wars is an erotic game that is intended for players who have long been eighteen years old, as well as for all the other varmints who will hide from their parents.

This is a turn-based tactical RPG with elements of hentai. Anime style graphic de, an interesting strategic component of the gameplay, and a huge of girls with big "eyes", in which you will often look. During the passage of count Wars you will discover new girls, game characters, which will remain in your collection, or will be able to fight with dangerous creatures and bosses.

In this fantasy universe, every girl is not just a great warrior, but also a mistress, but in order for you to understand it, you need to get a sufficient of victories. By the way, these girls are your subordinates.

In the arena will be able to take part in the battle a few young ladies. You will follow their methods and actions, and in this case you can get a good reward. During the battle, each warrior will open a certain of abilities that will be needed in order to destroy all the creatures in the game. Home ยป Cunt Wars. Cunt Wars.

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Cunt wars download

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