Harem collector gifts

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Regardless of if you love him, hate him, or want to be him, as long as you aren't keeping him from getting paid or from adding more girls to his harem, you're okay in his book. Seriously, fuck those damn turnips. You can't kick him out of your party, except for on 2 short occasions, his location is in the center of the screen, and I hope I didn't need to point that out.

He's not going to be the main damage dealer, but does a decent job of buffing the party, putting him in the position of something akin to an off-tank and DPS. Formatting might look ugly so do yourself a favor, copy the table and paste it into excel so you can adjust the size of the columns. New character entries can use the Blank Character Template to standardize the s.

You will need to copy-paste onto new character entries. Each harem collector gifts of the Harem [3] has a visual indicator of your relationship. The starting value differs from person to person. Each time a relationship is upgraded, a bonus is received.

This might be increased combat powers for Hero, increase combat powers for the character in question, items, sex scenes and satisfactiondaily sil income, or daily gift packs. If a character starts out in the dungeon, they can be bribed with gifts to gain happiness and sexually tortured to gain "submission". Both terms reference to the same mechanism, so the distinction is purely for your role playing enjoyment. From Bad Kitty Games Wiki. May want to check his personal for what exactly his Relationship points unlock. Can teach the Hero new techniques for a price.

: Characters Reference Featured Articles. menu Personal tools Create Log in. Namespaces Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This was last edited on 29 Harem collector giftsat Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution unless otherwise noted. Collared during Lord of the Manor. Apple Kid Real name Jonagold Apple. Captured after Hell to Pay. Collared after Stuck in the Middle With You. Purchased at the Slave Market for 60, Sil. Obtained during the quest Rescue me. Acquired during A Forge Too Far. Collared during One is the Loneliest Party. s the household after completing The Phantom Breaker battleground.

s after Quest for a Cure. Hired as enchanter after Scholastic Excellence.

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s the harem after completing Research Materials. Collared after Night of the Raping Dead. Purchased at Slave Market for Sil. Collars herself at East End Bakery after obtaining the Manor and coming up behind her 3 times. s the harem after completing every quest for her. Acquired after A Manxome Foe. No Only during her love quest Also Sprach Nerys. Collared after investing in her father's farm. s the harem after Princess Bride. Xaven lets you date her after your Journeyman Ceremony. Collared after purchasing the Eastfort Condo for 5, Sil. Collared after defeating the Count during Quest for a Cure.

Captured at your manor during Manor Invasion. Acquired 4 days after investing 10, sils in Slave Market. Acquired by doing the quest Hall Monitor From Hell. Leave your manor for the first time after Lord of the Manor.

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Complete A Forge Too Far. Complete Honey Trapper. Name your main character Stark. Obtained through a Code obtained by contributing to Harem Collectors wiki site the one you're reading from right now and telling an admin that you contributed lying won't work since your contributions will appear on your profile then they will send you a code. Human swordswoman who speaks like a dwarf. General of the First Legion of Kellos. He gets to kick your ass if you insist on pissing him off.

Appears during Hour of the Beasts.

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Appears at Get Dumped and Send Newt. The Countess of Southport and a close bloodline to the royal family, and a switch who sometimes dominant or submissive. Appears during Honey Trapper where has 1 of 3 possible sex scenes and during Shipping Disaster where has another 1 of 2 possible sex scenes. Nicholas's fiance might become relevant further base on what you did at her party. General of the Second Legion of Kellos. You get to kick her ass but then she runs off before you can have fun with her.

Kellos Fortress during It's Pronounced "Sabotage". General of the Third Legion of Kellos. You get to kick her ass but then get interrupted before you can have fun with her. Appears during Ain't no Party like a Search Party. Dwarf fighter, also French for some reason, in Kyrie's Party. Bit of a bitch but has a nice ass, a named NPC so you might probably see her again in a future update. Professor of Harem collector gifts.

Guest star party member during Golem to Be Awesome. Elven Village following Elf Half Empty? Appears during Research Materials. Some mage in Kyrie's inferior adventurer party. Appears at It's Pronounced "Sabotage". A spy that works for Queen Melfi Regal. Raina's Dad and head of the adventurer guild's Northmarket branch, also hates you [2].

Harem collector gifts

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