Honey select modpack

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Honey Select 2 [ edit ]. Install Guide. If you have installed a mod, never use the official cards er thereafter. Access will be prohibited, and the official er will not be available.

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Please understand that modifying your game is risky by nature and requires some safeguards such as backing up the game data. Also always read carefully what each thing does before using it. Modding structure is pretty different in Honey Select 2 since it uses the softmod method, differently from Honey Select 1 that used the HardMod method. Please read the Terminology bellow to understand what is happening. In short: Never touch games folder such as abdata. Now we have a better modding system that do not mess with abdata and do not make id conflicts at all, making HSResolveMoreSlotID obsolete.

Also never extract.

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Zipmods are an easy way to add assets like clothes, items and maps to the game without generating ID conflicts and messing around with the game structure. In order to you game re. Some zipmods must have a HS2-specific version like Roy12 ones, others you can try to port from AI-Girl with this workaround, but do it at your own risk :.

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By far the easiest way to install mods in a vanilla game is by using HF Patch. This package includes all free illusion DLCs, the base mods and essential plugins. Also, the extra plugins are cautiously selected to not generate any conflicts. HF Pacth also comes with Sideloader Modpack, including over You can also copy the magnet link and paste on your torrent client, such as qBittorrent. If you want to install each mod one by one, you must first install the base mods. Without then your modded game will not even launch. Its highly recommended to also install the essential mods since several other plugins and.

This mods are the very base to all plugins and zipmods works.

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Be careful with them. Read carefully each site before downloading. Now that you have a working modded game, its highly recommended to also install these plugins that are essential to make some cards, plugins and zipmods to work properly, otherwise you may get distorted faces and clothes, cards with missing accessories, etc.

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Honey select modpack

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Honey Select 2: Installing Mods