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But the porn world is calling BS. A fter a three-month stint in porn, Mia Khalifa called it quits. Singled out by Name that poen extremists, Khalifa received death threats and could no longer travel to certain countries safely but shrewdly used that same notoriety catapult herself into the top-tier of porn, achieving a level of status and recognition most women spend years of hard work and hundreds of scenes to get to. According to Khalifa, the notoriety limited her traditional workplace options, ultimately forcing her back into becoming Mia Khalifa.

Everyone has a different experience and everyone has a right to talk about their experience. Then there is the issue of money. Many leave the industry just as poor as they entered. Though Mia Khalifa was the No. Khalifa feels cheated that BangBros continues to cash in on scenes that she was paid only once for, as she revealed in a recent Instagram post. To challenge the accusations Khalifa has leveraged against them, BangBros created an entire website dedicated to their public response, FactsBeatFiction.

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Then on June 29, the company claims to have sent Khalifa a cease and desist. Khalifa could not be reached for comment. As she describes it, BangBros was still paying her to promote her association with them. Throwing s at me to keep me in somehow, so they offered me a deal where they paid me a salary every month to log a certain amount of hours on the cam site because it was their cam site.

So what I would do is literally just mute it, turn it on, and watch Netflix. It was near the end when I stopped caring. It was near the eight-month mark when I knew I was getting close name that poen never having to do this again. Faced with the alienation of being a known sex worker, in addition to being an outcast for shattering the cultural taboo of her heritage, Khalifa expresses shame and regret for her time in the adult industry, as is her right.

And the shame, in turn, becomes anger, and makes me lash out and react the way I did. So the only way to fix that is to take control of my own narrative, put it out there, and let my story be heard. After several heated Twitter exchanges with Khalifa, former adult star Carter Cruise now a DJ by the same name penned an open letter to Khalifa stating:. Though Khalifa directs much of the blame for her negative experiences in porn toward BangBros, her issues seem to be with the societal stigma—not the actual scenes she shot. The angst she feels about getting into porn is at times self-directed.

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Cloaked in regret, the now year-old Khalifa wants to take it all back, all those choices she made at She wants the same thing most former adult actresses want: a clean slate. It has collected over 1.

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Even if the videos were removed from Pornhub and BangBros, the gesture would remain purely symbolic—because this is the internet and porn is forever. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation. Aurora Snow. Updated Jul.

Name that poen

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