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Those boobs are so hot!!! She looks so much better with her big boobs out!!! I would never get bored with them!!! You knew it was wrong. She was your best friend's little sister, but you couldn't ignore those massive tits or her blatant interest. With ease she pulled your cock from it's fabric prison marveling at the nearly foot and a half long rod. Then without another word she was wrapping her lips around it.

She took the entire thing like it was nothing even though you could see it stretching her throat out. Then it came, one huge blast of cum, you felt like a fire hydrant.

She didn't loose a single drop and she didn't stop. You watched as she started to grow, you knew she was going to add a foot in height and pounds upon pounds of muscle and curves, but she simply didn't stop sucking, she wanted more than that. After three hours and four lo she was finally happy. Naked and ten feet tall each heaving breast was the size of your entire torso.

Her ass was as wide as one of the double doors to the boat house, and the muscles she packed on made her look like a tanned she hulk.

You tried to calm yourself down after that and made your way back to the lake house your Friend's family owned. However it seems not just his little sister knew of your power. You were barely into the kitchen when she grabbed you. You could feel your supernatural genitals already filling with more magic seed. You just sigh as she smiles. Then just like before she easily deep throated your massive cock. She wasn't satisfied after one load either. She must have swallowed seven lo before she finally ed happily filling the lower floor of the boat house.

Heck the one in black asked me to double her dosage this morning. At this rate I'll have two seventeen foot tall bodyguard babe by the end of the week. As for the others" he trails off opening the small window into the bar that served as a front for this experiment. The two promising girls were making out on the couch near by. I was already hard just looking at her. Michelle had seen the news, just like everyone else, about that Jumbo Gro stuff that was making things huge.

Then she took another tiny one. It had been awkward trying to wrap herself in bed sheets to go find the biggest bikini they had at the store, but seeing herself filling it out to the max was worth any awkwardness.

It had been a little more difficult just only big boobs tumblr her new bulk around the beach rental. The place had seemed spacious at first, but at nearly 8 feet tall, she had to be careful not to bump her head on light fixtures and doorways.

But it was all worth it as she took in the sun and enjoyed her new body. She posed for pictures with strangers and enjoyed casually bumping them in the head with her chest. As she watched her sister and friends drive up, mouths agape at the huge woman before them, she had to decide if she would share the wealth, or just keep it to herself.

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Only big boobs tumblr

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