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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 32 of Go to. Retro Semi-Retired Staff member. Sep 7, 3, 16, Reactions: bernthal. Sep 2, 18 1. Well, i'm curremtly playing this game. But it seems that i'm stuck or missing a thing.

Aug 17, Reactions: jaydem and dick le coq. Oke thnx. I thought there was more because there were different picture of the game.

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Active Member. Jun 15, 1, PingPanda said:. Games still in alpha and is mostly just mechanics, next release will be focusing on story lines and such. Mephist Member. Feb 20, Mephist said:. Well, it's onhold. So it could take a while. Jan 7, Great VN. Looking forward to the update.

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Reactions: PingPanda. Patreon is currently under siege by patreon but development won't stop!

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Reactions: willembever Jul 19, 3, 24, Sure, Jan. Reactions: Seriosha. Lotex Well-Known Member. Jul 17, 2, 1, Reactions: lurkin. Lotex said:. Patreon is under siege by Patreon? So the ban on fetishes and such was an inside job. ThanhLong32 Newbie. Jun 30, 29 2.

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Nov 24, 1, 1, As you may have noticed also, I have deleted every posts on thethis is due to the suspension being about a public post from last year with a little nudity. As you possibly noticed, our Patreon was suspended on Wednesday which caused me some stress indeed, due to patreon being my main source of income I wasn't sure if I was going to get it back or not. Reactions: dunhill.

Daisies New Member. Jun 12, 12 Are there any alternatives to Patreon other than setting up pingpanda patreon own site for crowdfunding? Daisies said:.

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Shadow Fiend said:. Reactions: Shadow Fiend and a. Sep 8, 1, PingPanda That's awesome news Brother, I've been looking forward to it coming back, for awhile now. I know you may have had a somewhat rocky start, and you even decided to take it down, to do a version, more to your liking. In both quality and content, so that not only yourself, but your fans will be able to enjoy your fine game.

I'm one of your fans, that think your awesome! I absolutely loved what you had ended with, in the last update so far. You definitely have my respect and admiration, as well as, much love for you Brother. I will not be one of those ones that will keep hounding you for When will it be done As I know, this is one that will be well worth the wait. I can't say it enough, your awesome! Akian Member. May 31, Android link? Pingpanda patreon hidden low quality content.

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