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New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Cirelc Start date Aug 19, 2dcg animated bdsm pinktea patreon handjob male domination male protagonist mobile game oral sex slave spanking stripping trainer vaginal sex virgin. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 15 of 20 Go to. AlisaB Member. Jun 19, It will continue but Patreon demanded a few scenes censored and PinkTea said he will be more careful with future content so yea - his old style is dead.

His older games are also gone from his Patreon. Dec 11, Honestly if it were me I'd just open a patreon for something unrelated and have people pay into that. And use that money to develop his actual projects. Sure it'd be a loss but it beats selling out his entire style and thus loosing his supporters. CursedFlame91 Keep Scrolling Donor.

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Jul 7, 1, I guess it would be a good idea to keep a backup of the current version. Let's hope the damage isn't too severe going forward. Reactions: junior and Pinktea patreon. Lolicon Kami Active Member. Nov 3, pinktea patreon Or he should switch to subscribestar, which doesn't persecute nor discriminate I'm sure much of his followers will come with him.

Reactions: Sprintupstairs and Faustus7. Lolicon Kami said:. MrTaylor New Member. Sep 4, 2 1. What specifically is removed from this game after the Patreon staff gave him that warning? Some dialogue, decreased whip marks, tears etc. Thats why older games got removed from his Patreon as well.

I dont particularly care about this game, i think its his worst title so far but the way things are going theres very little chance we will ever get something similar to SLOG which was imo the best. Reactions: junior AlisaB said:. Ignoring the fact that the patches and mods are still grounds for patreon to go apeshit on you. Either we have some fan-made stuff or he tries to move to subcribestar. Don't see any of those happening any time soon.

Almost 5 years doing this and just now they get the hammer. I heard that the dev from Breeders of the Nephelym got hit too recently, for incest stuff. Reactions: junior and Lolicon Kami.

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Sep 7, We should just get used to the fact that this game and its dev are dead to us. Dev claims he HAS a subscribestar but nobody follows it so he likely won't migrate.

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This is honestly a shame because this is my favorite of his games. I'm genuinely invested in this character. Reactions: CursedFlame MrTaylor said:. Reactions: CursedFlame91junior and anon Oh right, You must be registered to see the links. Posab Newbie. Oct 2, 40 Reactions: Pluritechno pinktea patreon, Daiohtravin and 7 others. This is going to make matters a bit complicated for me. Ok, so they're doing a tame version for Patreon and the " real " version for Substar.

I don't know if this actually works. Patreon usually does that thing where they track everywhere their creators post and stuff. I'm pretty sure that a different creator has gotten into trouble because of something like this, don't quote me on that. Also on a different topic, wonder which version would end up in our hands.

Usually the amount of people in Substar tends to be a lot less compared to Patreon people trust more the familiar one.

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Eh, to be honest I always play the softie route on PinkTea's games so I don't think this would affect me that much. Dalbert33 Newbie. Dec 21, 48 Been a fan of her work somehow I assume PinkTea is a woman and pinktea patreon always does great work Original PT is dead, theres no sugar coating it. From his Patreon comment section: "DDK will this impact future developements?

Pink Tea I certainly have to be more careful from here on out, especially on Patreon. Reactions: spenkjuniorSprintupstairs and 1 other person. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

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