Puperty pals

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By Victor Skinner April 7, The female teacher involved in the incident was not identified by the school district, but superintendent Leslie Hainrihar told parents she was disciplined for the video. It remains unclear whether the teacher showed the video to students or the students found the video on her phone without her knowledge.

We have confirmed that did in fact occur. At least one unidentified parent was irate about the incident at the Southgate Community Schools Board of Education meeting March The March 15 board meeting got heated as board members spoke in loud voices and with occasional profanity while discussing the incident. Due to an equipment malfunction, the board meeting was not video recorded as they routinely are. About five minutes worth of the discussion was placed on YouTube by a concerned parent Puperty pals 5.

The video was viewed by The News-Herald at that time, but has since been made private.

A video of the goofy cartoon was posted to YouTube by Jim Smith in Why do we go through puberty? You might have a dream about some special lady where you touch her in a special place that smells like the sea. Recent Stories.

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Puperty pals

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Parents irate after students view ‘Puberty Pals’ video on teacher’s cell phone