Reclaim reality game

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You can read the entire post-mortem for the game in the link up above; it's a long read, but it has lots of documents we used for deing the game, the entire game's plot summarized, and so on. We learned a lot of lessons from making it, and learned what not to do in the future so as to prevent anything like this from happening again, too all of which is also talked about in the document.

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If you'd like a refund, contact me on Patreon and I'll be happy to give you one. Unfortunately, all the intellectual ability in the world won't matter if your brain itself is reclaim reality game attack, and that's exactly what's happening in Reclaim Reality. Melinda is trapped in her own psyche; she's been poisoned, and doctors have been forced to put her in a medically-induced coma to slow the damage to her body.

Good news, though; after countless hours, the doctors now know exactly what needs to be done to cure her of the poison in her brain, allowing Melinda to be woken up from her coma safely. The bad news is that Melinda's got two tasks she can only do from inside her psyche, and she'll need to do both well to have a chance of surviving. The Public Demo contains most of the first 'area' of the game, the Frontal Lobe,and you can get the demo link at the bottom of the post! Or, if you'd like to about the game first, hear some of its music, look at some of the art and so on,you can check that out below in the appropriate spoiler box!

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Reclaim Reality.

Reclaim reality game

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Reclaim Reality