Rinmaru ascension chapter 4

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Note: This is not chapter four of Ascension, it is separate but would technically take place after chapter three. Aida is not the protagonist. Read the FAQ from Rin's blog below. A: Ascension: Echoes in the Dark is the official name for the fourth chapter of Ascension, a free, online visual novel by Rinmaru.

The first three chapters can be found and played here. Why did it need a new logo or a new artwork style? A: The first three chapters of Ascension were except the backgrounds completely made on Adobe Flash. A: Not at the moment but I might need translators in the future.

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A: Mostly because ETD will simply be a whole new game. I will do everything I wanted to do, explain everything I wanted to explain about Arunia The world of Ascension without having the need to make a remake of the first three games. You will start the game with a new heroine, have a new adventure with new companions and new places. It will stick to the original story but it will also have new and shiny stuff. Like I said, ETD will be a whole new game in the same world of the first three games. A: It will be the character you will create at the start of the game.

Will I have to subscribe? Just a digital download of one game.

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I want to help! Note she does actually have a donate button here. A: Personal choice. Until the day I sell my soul to the devil for a few million dollars.

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A: Thank you so much for offering, but the game needs to be finished for me to answer this question :. A: Yes. A: I did release an alpha version. For now there are three dialogue options you can pick from, just like in the first three chapters.

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Rinmaru ascension chapter 4

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