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It is your duty to train slaves to the best of your abilities and make a name for yourself. Rather than just cooking and getting a fixed stat, there is now a chance that your slave will fail the task. This will offer you the chance to punish or try to comfort them, which ties nearly into — 2 The emotion system in fully in place now. Emotions will decide what stats are improved. For example, aggression is a bad to thing to have, because it will make your slave use up more energy to perform tasks.

It will make certain tasks impossible to do — I mean, do you want a blowjob from an angry girl who will probably bite it off? Fear, on the other hand, will yield greater growth, but only in one stat. Overall stress is also a factor, as it will impact on how refreshed your slave is at the start of each day.

And servus kingdom need that sweet, sweet money — speaking of which. The city has brand new locations in it — such as the dungeon, where mistress Katalin waits for you.

Katalin can help you break slaves and can even sell you unique items. There are also some new maps which have been deed though yet to actually be fully added. They can now work at the restaurant. Your character can also do jobs. There are currently two in the game. One is breaking slaves for the Guild or the Dungeon.

There is now a day and night cycle in the game. Depending on the time, different events will be open for you.

Certain characters will also be in different locations depending on the day of the week and if its night. In the future, this will lead to unique quests and the like. This will be difficult to get, but if you can follow the thread correctly, you can help return Nami to her world. Oh, what does that imply?

You can make your slave fall in love with you and marry them.

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Servus kingdom

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