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Another update of active Theme Days.

I have added some new and awesome themes to this list, and I have deleted some as well. Theme Days come and go here on Tumblr. There are a select few that have been very constant and huge in their submissions. Then there are others that go inactive for a couple of reasons. I want this list to be strictly for fully active Theme Days. Also, if youve not even started a theme day, please do not ask to be added to this list. Get your theme day organized and established first.

You are all welcome to add your themes in the comments below as well. I am not helping anyone to create their theme.

This is merely a list of fully active Theme Days. When any go inactive, I will delete them from this list.

If I miss any, let me also know in the comments below, and I will update the list and post the date so you know when its accurate. Todays date: August 12, lillybgoddess. Ok this list has been updated, and accurate as of today August 12, Lots of new themes have been added and many have been deleted due to inactivity.

Thank you! Please reblog if you like. Posts Submit a post Archive. Just for business, pleaseee kik.

Side boob on tumblr

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