Thief retrieve comforts necklace

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Upon entering the apartment, look left and grab the Picture Frame 5G. Keep moving into the kitchen and look right. Grab the Food from the shelf, then look left towards the stove. Grab the Saucer 2G. Thief retrieve comforts necklace further into the apartment. Grab the Pile of Coins 5G from the scales on the shelving.

Turn left and grab the Picture Frame 10G from the desk. Grab the Letter Opener 3G from the upper right-hand drawer. Look left, on the upper shelf, for a Vase 10G. Now exit the apartment and head for the bookbinders for the purpose of this walkthrough, I'll assume you haven't been there yet. For those who were lost like I was the first time, you have to go through the alley around to the back of the building, and slip in through another BMS button mashing scene.

Out front of the bookbinders, on a crate by the door, grab the Ashtray 3G. Jump over the counter and read the Bookbinders Register. Slide right and pick the lock on the register to grab the Pile of Coins 5G. Turn around and find the set of books with the switch. Activate it, then jump back over the counter and move down the ladder. Finally, grab the Manuscript. Mission complete 50Gtotal loot is G. Enter Ector's shop and talk to him to acquire the first of three missions see Ector's Jobs below.

Look right, by the stairs and check the left-hand drawer for Ector's Letter to Clockwise. Check the right-hand drawer for Clockwise's Letter to Ector. Finally read Ector's Memoirs from the book on the desk. Depending on which way you enter, the bed will either be right in front of you, or across the room.

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I'll assume you came in by the bed. Open the drawer from the desk, and grab the Letter Opener 3G. Move to the dresser at the end of the bed, and grab the Flask 4G from the top drawer. Pick the lock on the doors, and open them to grab the Perfume Bottle 7G. Close the doors and move to the other window. Grab the Perfume Bottle 7G from the floor. Move down the stairs and read the newspaper article Who Watches the Watch Hounds?

Move around the desk and grab the Letter to Sick Willy from the upper right-hand drawer. Don't forget the Pen 4G in the upper left-hand drawer.

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Turn around and grab the Picture Frame 5G from the shelf. Move back around to the small stand and pick the lock to grab the Ring 6G. Slide left to the dresser and grab the Scissors 3G from the top drawer. Move back up the stairs and use the picture on the left at the top. Trigger the switches to reveal a hidden compartment, and the body of sick Willy. Grab Sick Willy's Register from his body you may have to pick it up and then put it down again first. Upon entering the apartment, look left and grab Miss Scarlett's Diary. Turn right and open the dresser drawers to acquire the Perfume Bottle 25G.

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Turning back to the stand by her bed, pick the lock on the top drawer to grab the Pen 10G. Follow the patrolling father down the stairs, and slide right and hide in the cabinet. Look to the right in the cabinet, and you'll find the safe combination that Scarlett scratched into the wood, Close the doors and quickly move back into the cabinet before the father comes back. Exiting the cabinet again, turn left and pick the lock on the drawer ignore the standing dresser.

Grab the Flask 8G. Hide in the cabinet again, and wait for an opportunity to head for the painting across from there. Moving back and forth as necessary, activate the switches and input the combination to the safe. Exit through the window, left of the safe. Mission complete 50Gtotal loot is G and 1 collectible. Upon entering the shop, open the grate and slip through. Slip into the next room when the doctor's back is turned. Slip beside him when he's not looking and grab the Syringe 10G. Right next to it is Troy's Miracle Tonicyour main objective.

Distract Dr. Troy with a Blunt Arrow into the lightswitch. While he moves to investigate, grab thief retrieve comforts necklace Microscope 30G. If you can distract the guards from the other room, you can loot the desk in there. In the lower right-hand drawer is a Pen 4G. In the upper left-hand drawer is an Ink Bottle 3G. On top of the desk read the newspaper article The Benefits of Strict Curfew. Mission complete 50Gtotal loot is 97G. Immediately upon entering the apartment, turn right towards the dresser.

Grab the Letter Opener 3G from the dresser drawer. Turn around and open the grate, then crawl through the vent. Drop down to the beam and grab the Coin Purse 5G. Mission complete thief retrieve comforts necklacetotal loot is 76G and 1 collectible. Upon entering the apartment, look to the dresser on the left and mantle up top. Look down and grab the Poem Fragment One. Drop down and move to the chest at the foot of the bed. Open it to find Poem Fragment Two. Move beside the bed and grab the Food.

Under it is Poem Fragment Three. To the right, in the stand, grab the Knife 2G from the bottom drawer. Now move downstairs and over to the fireplace. Open the box on the mantle for Water Arrows. Turn right and open the grate. Move through the vent and close the lid on the chest to find Poem Fragment Four behind it. Exit the vent and move over to the desk. Read the newspaper article Beware of Over-Active Imaginations!

Open the upper right-hand drawer for Poem Fragment Five. Turn right and move into the bathroom to grab the Hairbrush 10G. Move back by the fireplace and open the grate. Mission complete 50Gtotal loot is 62G and 1 collectible. As an aside to this mission, exit the apartment and drop down to the left. Move ahead and drop down, then turn left again and move to the railing. Look up to see a beam you can shoot a Rope Arrow into.

That brings the loot total to 93G instead. To enter the apartment, use a Blunt Arrow or broadhead if you're out to shoot the switch on the wall. Look behind the candles, above the bed. Move in and grab the Earrings 12G from beside the candles. Beside the bed, grab John Tallow's Blacklist. Turn right and activate the switch in the books to open a hidden compartment. Mission complete, total loot is 52G. Upon entering the shop, immediately close the door behind you.

Grab the Candlestick 15G from the table. Move on and down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left and mantle up the shelving. Drop down in the hole and grab Lady Christina's Will from the top drawer.

Move back out and head towards the candles on the barrel. Who leaves burning candles on a wooden barrel? Look left and enter the hidden vent. Grab the Pile of Coins 5G from on top of the barrel. Grab the Gold Coin 1G to the right of the barrels, on the ground. Next to the single coin is a hidden switch on the barrel. Drop down into the hidden compartment and grab the Poppy. Mission complete 50Gtotal loot is 71G and 1 collectible. There's no loot to be had here, just make your way onto the bed. If you came in from the clocktower side, go left and mantle onto the bookcase.

Drop down between the two bookcases, and mantle up onto the bed. Disable the trap mechanism for 50G and mission complete.

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